I’m leavin’ (on a boat…)

June 3, 2010

So, I know I just got this thing up and running and all, but I’m going to have to take a brief hiatus of sorts.  My company has a performance-based reward conference/recreation trip every year.  It’s not a sales-based thing, as we’re not in sales.  It’s awarded on how well you do you job, peer/manager recommendation, that sort of thing.  Out of our 70,000+ worldwide employees, about 1,500 are selected.  This is my second year going.

This year’s trip is a cruise from  Miami to the Florida Keys to a private beach (near Haiti, actually) and back, over 5 days.  Now, yes, we do have a few mandatory business meetings (served with champagne and mimosas, no less) and I have to pay about 30% of the total tax on the whole shebang, but the wife and I are going a frickin’ cruise that the company is paying for. How cool is that?  Downside?  My boss is going, so I can’t get really trashed.  He, on the other hand, will certainly get shitfaced more than once, and I have a new Nikon D5000.  I see a very good raise next year…
Interesting fact #1:  Did you know that there is a PIRATE MUSEUM in the Keys?  Guess who’s going and taking a few thousands pictures.

So I mentioned that I’ve attended this conference before.  Each year is a different location (I’d love to have the job of whoever picks them out…)  The last time I went, it was also a cruise, albeit from Los Angeles to Baja by way of Catalina.  Nice trip, that.  The boat we’re going on this time (RC’s Majesty of the Seas) is the sister ship to the one last time, RC’s Monarch of the Seas.  The nice thing here is I already know my way around the boat.  The one we’re going has just had a top to bottom renovation, where the last one, being 30 years old and showing it, needed one.  While Monarch was a nice boat, I’m really excited to find my way onto the Majesty.

Interesting fact #2:  Remember the cruise liner that dropped off virtually all of their food and medical supplies to Haiti after the quake, and refilled at their private beach, then the main stream media and a bunch of bliss ninny bloggers jumped all up in their shit for stopping at all a beach on the other side of the island?  With passengers on board, who spent money there, which the Haitian economy still needs?  Even though RC used those stops to ferry donated relief aid to the Haitians who needed it?  Yeah, that was Royal Caribbean.  They stood up to the plate and got swung at for it.

I have more to say about the trip, but I think that what I have to say deserves it’s own post (plus, I need something to do tomorrow while we do laundry) so I’ll leave you with this:


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